Peter O'Lasch
Pop Montreal, Canada
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Peter O'Lasch
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Despite the smell of her blond hair and the softness of her round breasts, nothing will erase the confusion of her feelings...
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This song is about being inspired by the present moment.
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A tribute to a girl with black hair.
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This song is dedicated to one of my ex-girlfriend: Leonilde Vital, and also to all the misunderstandings related to love.
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Opening up about the pain caused by an addiction.
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There's no place like Magog during summertime to write this song.
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It is much easier to keep doing what you don't like to do, than doing the first steps to achieve your passion...
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'For Keith': Because the picking sounds like the one of Keith Richards but the title has nothing to do with the song.
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The wonder of being there for a pregnant girl of 2 months until she delivers, even though it's not my child.
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