Lee Negin
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Lee Negin is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, synthesist, vocalist, producer and recording engineer. He was a pioneer in the international DIY/techno/new w
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From Lee Negin's new album, Technodelic Transmissions"
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From Lee Negin's new album, "Technodelic Transmissions."
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From Lee Negin's new album, "Technodelic Transmissions."
From Lee Negin's new album, "Technodelic Transmissions"
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Track 3 from "Hungry Ghosts"
Track 2 from Hungry Ghosts
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Lee Negin's new dreamscape. Electronica-trip hop-ambient-neo psychedelic. Turn on, tune in and enjoy the trip! Soon to be a music video.
"The Dance" is Lee Negin's latest video soundtrack. It's about the cosmic dance of Brahma-Vishnu-and Shiva and the divine comedy we all swim in. Guaranteed to raise your kundalini, or at least a smile.
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Lee Negin's latest release, April 19, 2010. Experimental-Techno-Ambient-Trip Hop-Neo Psychedelic. From Lee Negin's CD of experimental-electronica to be released next year. http://leenegin.com
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Techno/Synth/ Minimalist classic from 1981. Remastered in Germany in 2010.
New "Ambient" Single. Released March 2010
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First track from CD "Balance"
From CD "Balance"
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