Tempest (Shakespeare)
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Not really a band, but the music for a production of Shakespeare's _The Tempest_.
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This is the Goddesses' Song from the April-May 2002 indoor repeat production by Pulse of _The Tempest_ with a different cast. The Goddesses singing this song are: Noelle Teagno as Iris, Jennifer Stuckert as Ceres and my wife Linda Past as Juno.
This is Full Fathom Five as sung by the Ariels in the April-May 2002 production of _The Tempest_ by Pulse Ensemble Theatre.
This is _Where the Bee Sucks_ from the April-May 2002 indoor production of _The Tempest_ by Pulse Ensemble Theatre. This is sung by the three Ariel's: Joy Jones, as Ariel 1, Leslie Jones as Ariel 2, and Ellen Haynes as Ariel 3.
Well, here is drunken Stefano again in the indoor 2002 repeat Pulse production as played by Nicholas Pelczar. The tune is actually _Sellinger's Round_ by William Byrd.
This is Iris' Song from the April-May 2002 indoor production by Pulse of _The Tempest._ Noelle Teagno sings Iris in this production.
Peak in sub-genre #11
Here is the original song for the "Goddesses" as sung by Iris, played by Elaina Wahl, Ceres as played by Amy Dickenson and Juno, played by my wife Linda Past. Ambient sound in this outdoor courtyard production.
Here is Kurt Uy as Stefano singing his song. Why all the laughter? Stefano's a drunkard who mimics "relieving himself" with, fortunately, his back to the audience. Ambient sound galore in this outdoor courtyard performance...
Here is a recording of Sandy York as Ariel and her two nymph assistants, Megan Bienstock and Sarah Scott singing Full Fathom Five. This is an outdoor courtyard production, hence ambient sound...
This is an original tune for the end of the "goddess scene." It's sung by Elaina Wahl, playing Iris. At the end, Prospero disperses the festivities with some strange sounds. Ambient noise galore in this outdoor production.
Here Ariel, played by Sandy York, gives a buzz with this tune. Ambient sound galore in this outdoor production.
Peak position #80
For a magic banquet with dancing shapes. The musical "highpoint" for me, I believe. (Original)
Peak in sub-genre #13
This music, to be of somewhat an "ethereal" nature is a reworking of John Dowland's _Sir John Souch's Galliard
Peak in sub-genre #15
The Pulse Ensemble Theatre production of _The Tempest_ ends with suspenseful music. I used John Dowland's _Lachrimae Pavan_.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Here our two "love protagonists" are hitting it off and hauling logs around. The music is upbeat and is Thomas Morley's _Goe from my window_.
Peak in sub-genre #12
Ariel, the captive sprite, is about to be made free, so gets a "suspense music..." The tune is, again, John Dowland's _Lachrimae Pavan_.
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