Geoff Hansplant
Acoustic Abington, PA  USA
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A Piedmont Blues and contemporary folk guitarist / singer / songwriter exploring many facets of the 21st century human condition.
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Peak in sub-genre #67 1
An invitation to the journey of life
The sole of the spiritual quest
Peak in sub-genre #94
A bit of Ragtime guitar
An ironically titled piece about the derailment of the journey of life
Somewhere on the journey of life, unsure of the end but guided by the dream
Peak in sub-genre #97
40,000 years of human society boiled down to its essential tenet; always swim toward the sun
Regret is a cold cup of coffee
Peak in sub-genre #58
For everything we gain on the road of life, something is lost. This is a song looking back on life and realizing that much of what was held was lost along the way.
Peak in sub-genre #92
A cautionary tale....
Peak in sub-genre #74
Boogie woogie guitar, finger style
Every journey has its end, but could the end be a beginning unto itself?
Peak in sub-genre #72
An obsessive love song based on perhaps the greatest obsessive love story in history
A love song in the country blues style
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