Visible Breath
Electronic Bucks, United Kingdom
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Dun Strummin
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Visible Breath is the project name for Dun Strummin's brand of Prog, Fusion and Electronic sounscapes mixed up with a little Nu-Jazz, a touch of Funk, Ambient a
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Classic Prog instrumental (download @ iTunes or get CD @
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New version!
In limbo.
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Very funky streetwalk theme with a kinda Santana feel towards the end.
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Take a Mambo, mix liberally with acoustic and electric guitars and some more traditional instruments, light the blue touch paper and stand well back!
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After hours chillout groove.
A lantern for a dark place or a step into the light.
Move over James Bond, Natasha Bloyasoksov has arrived! - - A kinda John Barry vs. Steve Hackett fusion.
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