phil doyle
Alternative Shrewsbury, PA  USA
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Peak position #69
Gregg Bolger- Vocals; Ed Kocol- Bass; Danny Danzi- Lead guitar; Phil Doyle- Drums, Piano, Rhythm guitar, Synths.
Peak in sub-genre #32
Ed Kocol- Bass; Elizabeth Greenway- Bridge vocal; Phil Doyle- Everything else. See video at:
Peak position #30
Ed Kocol- Bass; Mark Wessels- Lead guitar; Daryl Greenway- Backing vocals; Phil Doyle- Rhythm guitars, keyboards, lead vocals and production.
Peak position #29
Danny Danzi- Lead & rhythm guitars, bass, drums, backing vocals and production. Phil Doyle- Lead vocal & piano. Written by Phil Doyle and Danny Danzi.
Peak position #19
Danny Danzi- Lead guitar; Ed Kocol- Bass; Daryl Greenway- Backing vocals; Phil Doyle- Everything else.
Peak position #29 1
Early struggles we all went through. Ed Kocol- bass; Mark Wessels- lead guitar and elec rhythm guitar; Phil Doyle- Vocals, acoustic rhythm, piano, drums and songwriter.
Peak position #54
Ed Kocol- Bass, piano, guitar, background vocals and production. James Griffiths- Lead guitar. Phil Doyle- Lead vocals and electric piano. Written by Ed Kocol and Phil Doyle.
Peak position #8
Ed Kocol- bass, piano and organ; Dave Carlson- Drums; Mark Wessels- Lead guitar; Phil Doyle- vocals, rhythm guitars and songwriter.
Peak position #9 2 1
Ed Kocol Bass and Production; Daryl Greenway piano and background vocals; Dave Carlson Drums; Scott Campbell fiddle; Phil Doyle RhythmGuitar and Lead Vocal.
Peak position #38
A song to honor those who serve or have served. Ed Kocol, bass; Daryl Greenway piano and bgv's; Dave Carlson, drums; Danny Danzi, lead, rhythm guitars and production; Phil Doyle, acoustic guitars, lead vocal and songwriter.
Peak position #43 1 1
A love song for lovers separated by distance. Ed Kocol- Bass, drum, EZ Keys and production; Daryl Greenway- piano; Phil Doyle- Acoustic guitar, vocals and songwriter.
Peak position #23
Cheat and you drink alone. Ed Kocol- bass, drums, EZKeys and production; Daryl Greenway- organ and tambourine; Reece Bain, Jr. Backing vocals; Phil Doyle- vocals and acoustic guitar. Written by Phil Doyle & Ed Kocol.
Peak position #23 1
Just say NO to work. Featuring Danny Danzi (Lead Guitar); Ed Kocol (Bass, BGVox, & Prod); Dave Carlson (Drums); Phil Doyle (Lead Vox, Guitar & Piano)
Peak position #30 2 2
Ed Kocol-Bass; Scott Campbell-Fiddle; Tony Pruden-Chorus vocals; Danny Danzi- Guitar(s) & Drums.
Peak position #30 4
Ed Kocol- Bass & Production, Danny Danzi- Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Jason Kocol- Horns, Bob Brewer- Drums, Phil Doyle- Vocals, Keys & Rhythm Guitar.
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