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Here is another hip hop beat trying to explore other styles of the genre. Let me know what you think. It was made from scratch using my Roland Fantom G8.
Symphonic Rap Instrumental Beat. Purchase for just 1.99 (for demo use) or purchase a PROFITABLE USE LICENSE FOR $29.99 OR $99.99 (unlimited). Go to
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Orchestral Intro composed by Schumann Beats (Eliezer Rivera). I'm just introducing myself over this Orchestral Intro Track I composed from scratch using EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Gold
Hip Hop Instrumental beat made from scratch, as always. This is one of those beats in witch I'm trying to explore the style most commonly used in the American Hip Hop. I mean... almost. I'm proud to have that Latin and style influence from
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Reggaeton con meregue instrumental beat. If you like the Latin sound and rhythms then you would love this beat. Let me know what you think about the piano...
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Here I am, exploring the Techno and Dance word. I just can't limit my creativity. Let me know if you like it... I have more beats on this line coming out soon.
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Here is a slow reggaeton beat for a love song. The title says "I know I Messed Up" suggesting a song to ask for forgiveness to the person you just failed. More reggaeton beats coming soon...
RnB Instrumental Beat - Composed and produced from scratch using EastWest Quantum Leap Orchestral Library and a Roland Fantom G8. It has a dry kind or empty without the vocals. Vocals with creative reverbs and harmonies should give the fullness.
Hip-hop beat. Download it with these available licenses: Non Profit Lease, Basic Lease, Premium Lease, or Commercial Lease if you need to make a jingle you are selling to a company for radio or tv advertisement.
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Jazzy Hip Hop instrumental beat with Acoustic Sounding Drums. Get a Non Profit Lease to make a demo. Lease Beats, Rap Beats, Jazzy Beats, Hip Hop Beats, Jazzy Hip Hop Beats, and more
RnB instrumental beat with jazzy chords. I used a combination of VST instruments on this beat. Lease non Profit Beats for $0.99, Lease Beats for $29.99 and $99.99
R&B Instrumental beat made from scratch by Eliezer RIvera aka Schumann. Purchase a lease at - Lease RnB beats, hip hop beats, non profit beats, and more
Rap beat made for a song a wrote with the same title. Made from scratch using a combination of VSTs and I'm playing all guitar parts. Lease it for a non profit song or project for just $1.99 at
Underground Rap Beat with a lot of energy on the drum kits. Vocals are live by Eliezer Rivera and Karina Jones. No illegal samples are ever used on any of my instrumentals... no samples to clear..
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Reggaeton beats, reggae beats, regueton beats and other can be downloaded for Non Profit Projects or Songs at - Download Free Reggaeton Beats and more
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