HipHop baltimore, USA
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Peak in sub-genre #30
my boy j.meyers came thru to battle an shyt after a long session we mellowed out to spit a freestyle track, this is it... meyers 1st then me
song order- Revelation, Doperock, Con, HellRazor, OblivioN
Peak in sub-genre #59
Grb2005 winter battle - round 1 vs VA
Hiphopchampionships.com audio battle semi-finals against tunk...
HipHopChampionships.com audio tourney round 3 against some dude named Eclisis...i was sick last round, i'm feelin better now
hiphopchampionship.com audio tourney round 2
hiphopchampionships.com round 1 vz thrown chrissy
AA9 Finalz at rapflava.com against Skandalz, aka illliteraturu other wise known as illy lama. First beat produced by Lucoman of Damnage.
semi finals of AA9 on rapflava.com verses ixo.
friendly battle against paradox of monolith. recorded in 1 take cuz im ill and pressed for time
Rapflava.com AA9 tourney, Round 2 against Rob Hurry and RastheRipper...Didnt single em out, just ate 2 pussies at once...
anotha freestyle done a few dayz before...order goes: iffy, oblivion, iffy, E, then Urbaine...i need new beats...
was testin vocal levels and just kept goin, freestyzzle.
round 1. rapflava.com AA9 against sicksteen aka smoove, previously nexx and before that young truth. wut up round 2.
Battle against R Pain aka Roderic Payne.
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