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Fernando was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1967. He played piano since he was 6 years old. 2010 is the year when he started to compose his own music. Self-taught
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In tribute to Nicola Tesla, one of the largest and most misunderstood geniuses of humanity. Dreamer, a tireless worker ... would free energy for everyone. But the interests of big business kept him sidelined. In memoriam
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Waltz dedicated to Satine, 10 year old girl who has won 2 gold medals in dance, with perseverance and tenacity.
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Musical theme dedicated to my grandfather, Leandro Angulo Unzueta, exemplary rural medical and disciple of D. Santiago Ramon y Cajal. In memoriam.
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Dedicated to Spanish Nobel genious Santiago Ramon y Cajal
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Blade Runner: In memoriam The inspiration for the song was by the end of the film Blade Runner, the replicant knows when the end of existence and then ... remember their experiences will be lost "like tears in rain"
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To compose this music I imagined two lovers separated thousands of light years apart... One of them sends a love message to another knowing that he/she will not read it. The message will go far after they no longer exist...
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Composed and orchestrated by The Flanger Sound. Pablo Montero assists in the orchestration. Presented in the Jorge Estrada draft "Babel Without Borders: In this World" (
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A trip back in time to the legendary city of Carthage
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Love theme from my another main composition: Eternal Cartago
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Jazz music composed for the international project Jazz Friends
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Jazz music composed for the international project Jazz Friends
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Classic Jazz Theme composed for "Jazz Friends 2011", a project from Daniella Vivarelli (
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A Jazz colaboration with two good musician friends. Composer: Pablo Montero Keyboards and arrangements: Pablo Montero & Fernando Lopez Solo Guitar: Alvaro Fernandez
Fancy a relaxing flight over La Alhambra (Granada-Spain)? This music tries to give an overall feeling of freedom.
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This music tries to exalt the noble spirit of Andalusian horses.
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