Larry McGahey
Rock Kalamazoo, MI  USA
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Guitar based instrumentals Larry McGahey with the Bugs or Snow Band. Not big on arrangement just guitar, guitar, guitar.
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Album: Electricity Peak position #89 2 1
E7#9 Jam takes this one for another trip around the block.
Album: Electricity Peak position #16 3 1
Peak position #18 4 4
Electric guitar instrumental with only one note planned, the first note. Then the trick is to play till the end without a major blunder without having any idea what will be played note to note.
Album: Electricity Peak position #68 3 1
Electric guitar blues rock.
Peak position #1 16 6
Peak position #4 8
Playing the Monster song ala dobro with the Orion Band.
Peak position #1 16 3
Lester speaks in 5.
Peak position #8 4 1
This song features my classic Gibson SG with old smokey strings. I first used this guitar to play the lead and solo guitar on John Ordiway's song 'In Wyrd' when we were members of Renaissance Fair.
Peak position #29 1
The corporate media noise machine is a mass of misinformation and distortion and I tried to create the musical soundtrack.
Album: Electricity Peak position #6 13
The sound track for an endless wave of attacks from the sky.
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