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I'm a band of one musician, more or less, me . . .
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from a reading at Anasazi Fields Winery in Placitas, New Mexico . . .
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Part of this nature poem are the birds and the water flowing up at Las Huertas Creek Canyon. It's a poem of being part of the Western Expansion and it's an affirmation of the relevance of place, of learning from and being intensely where we are.
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Jules Nyquist read with Demetria Martinez as part of the Poetry on the Hill series organized by Jim Fish and me in Los Alamos. Here are some of her Los Alamos poems. Check out Jules Poetry Playhouse in Albuquerque.
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from 1967, yes . . .
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It is going on and on, and the summer doesn't look good for water lasting.
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Raymond Warren Johnson's just published book is Swoosh of Heron Wings from duende press - Ray reads 4 poems from the book!
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2 poems from my book Digital Remains. A little statement from Corporations about themselves, and a Poet talks about being a Poet
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Was that you I'm a friend of on Facebook?
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Live in Placitas, NM at Anasazi Fields Winery poetry reading . . .
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Mysterious appearance of itchy painful welts over body although no evidence of any insects on me.
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These and more can be read here, all in For Thankful Cranks
Peak position #19
Amerika In Tights? You've got to be kidding. Well, no, the poem (2003) is from my book "Digital Remains" here in a new walking piano bass guise . . .
Peak position #13
I just ran across this poem and recorded it. Fun! (at least for me) FACE IN MY FOOD (it was embarrassing and painful but the poem is not).
Peak position #56
thinking of my friend Jim hiking, hiking and having evidently heart failure in a very remote but beautiful area and dying suddenly . . .
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Just trying to find some humor somewhere.
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