Aleksandr Saltovskiy
Urban Kharkov, Kharkov  USA
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Peak position #86
Hip hop song, music by Aleksandr Saltovskiy, lyrics and performance by Miss Elii
Peak position #63
Recently stumbled on this demo that I definitely forgot and thought a song itself is good, but a better production is required, isn't it?
Peak in sub-genre #52
A hot dance track with nice female vocals
Peak position #80
Inspiration, desire...these are things that song is about
Peak position #81
Peak in sub-genre #84
this is a pop beat
Peak position #83
This is a sketch of a future song, singer/songwriter needed to make it complete
Peak in sub-genre #75
The song's sketch in a reggaeton genre
this tune is good for the pop song
It's a sketch of a pop rock tune that could be made big
Pop/rock tune that could be turned into a hit song
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