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Music written and produced by Makun
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Peak in sub-genre #12
Ah yeah, baby! Makes your head bob! Funky stuff!
Peak in sub-genre #72
Nobody said love could ever last forever, but maybe it does...
Spacey-trance sounding song with a strong, driving beat.
Hypnotic dance song that takes you into another dimension. Careful, or you might not find your way back!
Peak in sub-genre #57
Good dance song with a sample of me saying the title of the song!
Definitely one of the cooler jazz/downtempo songs I've written. Wicked!
Peak in sub-genre #39
What Orson Welles probably would've used as the soundtrack for "War of the Worlds" if it were around back then.
Great song to simply just "chill out" to.
What it feels like to swim with the manta rays.
Great dance song for getting into the mood of "passion"...
Cool, breakbeat song that makes you feel like you're on an adventure through the Serengeti.
Instrumental spacey song with a mix of drum 'n bass and electronica styles.
Peak in sub-genre #46
Lots of beats in this song that combines the shamisen, Native American chanting, and electronica.
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