Mizrah Tirzah
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Inspired by and in cooperation with heaven, I create "Kingdom Age," prophetic music. The musical styles I create span a variety of known genres, though it is my
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Peak in sub-genre #19
Joyful, funky acoustic grooves and drums.
Peak in sub-genre #11
Contemporary gospel instrumental mix with piano, organ, synths, drums, electric bass, & brass.
Peak in sub-genre #28 1 2
Grand piano with synths and lots of strings.
Peak in sub-genre #23
This song creation is about our Father of Lights in heaven, who loves his children, the Children of Light, so much more than any earthly Father and desires for us to call him, "Papa."
Peak position #19
Prophetic, breaking world news report of a strange phenomenon taking place across the midwestern United States, which is rapidly spreading across the nation and the world. *Note: This is a prophetic song & message regarding events soon to take place
Peak in sub-genre #23 3 4
Fun kingdom of heaven warrior song with lots of synths & beats.
Peak position #5 2 3
"Prophetic song creation" through "spontaneous worship." This is the first song for my new album, "Spontaneous Worship." A second version of this piece, "Holy Are You, Lord! II" with some Spanish is being planned.
Peak position #54 2 3
An instrumental, prophetic song from the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Holy Bible created entirely with software and loaded with special effects. Have plans to write and record lyrics to this at some point. *** More details later..
Peak position #26 4 4
Lots of strumming, picking and plucking in this one! Acoustic guitar, orchestral strings, piano, and fiddle. This is the instrumental version. Second version with vocals to come soon.
Peak position #14 4 3
soft strings, ambient sounds & vocal, very soothing
Peak position #14 5 4
prophetic song about the Son of God
Peak position #19 14 14
Prophetic song of healing.
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