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Duncan is a songwriter and playwright living on Cape Breton Island. His songs are made available to serious music publishers and recording artists who are looki
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Wrote this for a friend.
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Inspired by the frustration and anger of pedophiles being put back into our streets by a justice system that knows full-well another child will fall victim to sexual abuse by that very same pedophile. And all we have to offer is our prayers.
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This is a new version of a song that lists a few things that I think this world needs. It has a nice sing-a-long chorus. I hope you enjoy it.
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I tried to write something that sounded traditional and this is what came out. I hope you like it. All songs SOCAN
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It's all about trying to send a message of love.
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A Steve Earl-ish tune about a woman named Molly and the man who loved her.
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A get well soon card for Jack Layton. 2011
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A work in progress about a napkin with a forgotten promise written on it that was found years later in a photo album. LOL...or something like that.
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This is kinda like one of those old time jazz songs and probably sounds exactly like one you might have heard before. The melody is reminscent of something I've heard but what, I'm not sure.
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A song that proves you don't have to know how to yodel to have fun with the word "yodel". I wrote this and recorded it for the sole purpose of bing silly. I hope you like it.
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A song inspired by the untimely deaths of two well known Cape Breton Musicians
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A blue grass gospel song featuring Scott Campbell on banjo.
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A candle metaphor, about a woman who was always a shining light until she began to melt away.
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