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REBEL NATION. A new breed of Bay Area artist and producers from the Bay Area with a distinct flavor and style. Starting from the collaboration of REBEL members
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Repping the Bay Area in a real way over the smoothest summertime beat since Will & Jazzy Jeff.
Peak in sub-genre #25
Love between a man and a woman starts with the "Chemistry" you feel almost instantly on connecting.
Ladies will fall in love with Verbal for this track. Smooth but rugid beat overlayed with pure enticing words laced out with the heavenly harmony. Each line written to take a womans imagination to new heights and journey with Verbal.
This songs describes the deep feeling of someone caught between wanting to be on the right track. But almost forced to do wrong to live.
Knockin' track from the up coming album by Sol-Jah
This that hard banging, Hyphi a** sh**. I telling you this is a hitter with a intense drama driving beat and vicious "spit"tacular rhymer "The Grench" This
Just punchline rhyme rippers for those fraudelent, no skill, fake talking MC's out there killing the Hip-Hop game.
Peak in sub-genre #41
These two distinctly different but talented rappers pair together to create atomic bombs. Hard lyrics, interchanging styles, and metaphors that slap the sh** out of half these rappers in the industry now.
Peak in sub-genre #27
Verbal Unleashing Heat is what this should be called. This is a new phenomenon. A rapper with the schooling of the old school and the versatility of the new. Who wanna go 16 Bars - self explanatory.
If you like that down south bump. Well check the Bay mix. The Great Weas is lacing with some spitters for all you snake that slither. Pimpalicious lines finessed with fast pace rhymes is bound to have you mesmerized while you throw them bows.
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