Thursday Club
Electronic cleveland, USA
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thursday club
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yo. we plug in a bunch of keyboards and junk into a bunch of effect pedals. we have a lot of wires. we also have beautiful organ songs. we are very diverse.
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this tape was lost for two 1/2 years or something
Peak in sub-genre #4
horrible-evil sounding of some seriously processed drum machine square wave clipness.
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Peak in sub-genre #37
re 'mix' of a live show from pats in the flats from 2003 or something.
Peak in sub-genre #22
..for the kids
Peak in sub-genre #52
the second part of our out of body experience
live @ pats in the flats for No Cleveland #2 11/11/04. word to yo mama
Peak in sub-genre #22
so like, we're at the end of a jam and its, lets do a hidden track jam. "yeah!"
Peak in sub-genre #33
here is a some cut up sound collage of all the tracks on this site, done by mr. jabberwocky. thanks a bunch!
this is a more mellow thursday club w/ much less equipment. the early days. we didnt know what we were doing then, and we certainly dont now.
Peak in sub-genre #7
brian got thrown on his face from the owner of this bar as we performed too loud at an open mic. you can hear their argument. you can also hear a drunk guy who wanted to play our instruments and brian yell at him also
Peak in sub-genre #62
the latest(earliest) recording ever.....
Peak in sub-genre #17
live at a house show in BG with naked guys
Peak in sub-genre #18
this is from an open mic at a local bar. the kid who brings his amp up there for people to use took it away as we were setting up so we plugged into this little boombox i have from the 80s. we used one casio with no FX and one guitar with lots
Peak in sub-genre #63
they have these little coffee house intimate open mic/poetry kinda things like once a year and we saw a flyer for it around campus, so we decided it would be fun. you can imagine the peoples faces.....
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