Pamela Marshall
Classical Lexington, MA  USA
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I compose music for chamber groups, orchestra, synthesizers, and off-beat instruments like mandolin ensemble. You'll hear beautiful sounds, dissonant harmonies,
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#24 (Sub-genre)
Atmospheric and hypnotic melody that grows more intense, with rich strings and thick bass clarinet, until it evaporates into a toy-piano ending.
Peak position #67
Flute-cello duo: Ashley Addington, flute and Rachel Arnold, cello. Theme plus 6 variations, manipulated in offbeat ways.
Peak position #88
Flute-cello duo: Ashley Addington, flute and Rachel Arnold, cello. Slinky is the final variation, somewhat jazzy.
Peak position #37
Performance by Brass Domain: Daniel Duncan, Karen Muenzinger, trumpets; Shelagh Abate, horn; Walter Bostian, trombone; Michael S. Milnarik, tuba. 2001 Pamela J. Marshall. All rights reserved.
Peak position #17
The clarinet emerges from silence, varying the opening pitch with microtones. You'll also hear cascades of arpeggios and melodic multiphonics.
Peak position #23
for alto sax, trumpet, 2 trombones, percussion
Peak position #62
Clarinet ensemble with drum rhythms passed around the group. Jazzy in a deliberate, bear-stomping way.
Peak in sub-genre #58
For cello and piano. Available on the CD "Just In Time Now and Then" from Living Artist Recordings. Sheet music available at Performed by Rafael Popper-Keizer, cello and Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta, piano.
#68 (Main)
A short rhapsodic piece for solo cello, performed by Emmanuel Feldman
Peak position #94
Performed by the Arden Quartet on a Just In Time Composers concert in 2003.
Peak in sub-genre #42
For unaccompanied flute, performed by Susan Jackson. Sheet music available at Update Feb 2015: Available on Ravello Records:
Peak position #70
For unaccompanied flute, performed by Jessi Rosinski. The music is a response to the poem High Flight by John Gillespie Magee, WWII aviator whose words have become a hymn for pilots and astronauts. Sheet music available at
Peak in sub-genre #29
a recording of Marshall's piece High Flight for solo flute, performed by Jessi Rosinski, multi-tracked and manipulated into an eerie place
Peak in sub-genre #14
A series of vignettes synthesized on a Kurzweil 250
Peak position #65
Text from Henry Thoreau's Walden, extolling the glassy purity of the surface of the pond, wondering if it is still as pure as it seems. Recorded in 1993 by D'Anna Fortunato and Emmanuel Feldman.
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