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Start with an Acoustic guitar broth. Blend together thoroughly with Rock. Heat over a slow flame. Add a pinch each of Funk, Reggae, Classical, Noise, Blues and
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Peak in sub-genre #8
A live version performed by my band "Glass Hammer" back in the '80s. Recorded at either the Electric Banana or Graffiti.(?)
Peak position #41
The video for this song is on YouTube. Type "brake for tunnels" in the searchbox.
Peak in sub-genre #28
Foot-stompin', hand-clappin', sorta Country-Pop-Bluegrass fun
Peak in sub-genre #62
A one-chord (E) funky thing. This version is the 2010 loops-and-samples version. We've previously had the Folk-Funk and the Polka versions of this tune. (Scroll down for more)
Peak in sub-genre #44
Here's a song for the Passively Violent....... (Scroll down for the lyrics.)
Peak in sub-genre #23
An acoustic song about the difficulties of raising a small child by yourself. It is sung and harmonized by the wonderful Kim Krimm (Kimba). Also listen to "American Dream" if you like her style. (Scroll down for more)
Peak in sub-genre #65
An acoustic-based song about the daily grind of earning a living. (Scroll down for more)
Peak in sub-genre #19
A demo of a new song. Scroll down for the lyrics.
Peak in sub-genre #52
An acoustic-based song featuring Kim Duffy (Kimba). Check out "Every Second, Every Day" if you like her voice. (Scroll down for more)
Peak in sub-genre #64
A loop-and-sample song with the vocals cut live. The music was assembled, then the complete set of words was fit in. (Scroll down for more)
A transcendent keyboard instrumental, named after a moon of Saturn that might have or have had lifeforms of some kind.
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Contemplating right and wrong
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