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Alternative Graz, Austria
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A collaboration between Martin Gotz, Bernd Oettinger (Germany) and Kayla Williams. A Tribute to great californian Band the Beach Boys.
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Produced by Bernd Oettinger Fuer das Kinderbuch "Ich bin da kleiner Baer" von Karin Ammerer
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A Collaboration between Ray Bertram, Robert Baitinger, Vince Denimarck and Martin Gotz
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A Collaboration between Cathy Wilson, Ray Bertram, Robert Baitinger and Martin Gotz
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This is a collaboration of Martin Gotz, Bernd Harmsen and Helmut Hirner
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"Whats Love" Demo, Recorded June, July 2016
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it is a song about emotions and feelings. About lonliness. Feeling alone and beeing alone, are two comeplete different things.
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