Crystal Trees
HipHop Florida, CA  USA
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Crystal Trees is an underground Hip-Hop group from Stuart Florida formed in 2008.
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Peak in sub-genre #18
Peak in sub-genre #21
Peak in sub-genre #32
unmixed and unmastered. just thought i would put out a song we just recorded.
Peak in sub-genre #12
Produced by Bamboon(kyzo) Vocals by Drumsynth and Mongoose (updated)
Peak in sub-genre #19
Peak in sub-genre #16
Produced by Drumsynth. The end part of a 25 minute freestyle. Mongoose and Drumsynth on the mic.
A remix i made with older raps on a fresh beat.
Peak in sub-genre #93 1 1
Produced by thing2 (aka kyzo) Vocals by Drumsynth
Written by Drumsynth Beat by Kyzo. Vocals by Miss Marine, Drumsynth, Absolute.
Produced by Drumsynth Vocals by Absolute and Drumsynth
Peak in sub-genre #14
Produced by Bamboon Vocals by Drumsynth and Absolute
Peak in sub-genre #57
Mixed by Drumsynth Produced by Crystal Trees
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