HipHop kiekiedoeke, Belgium
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a skinny white dude with an attitude fuck backpackers that dont get the pictureok
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juuuuuuuuuw de ballen
Peak in sub-genre #44
vs Saalk aka mc unibrow
Peak in sub-genre #97
Peak in sub-genre #79
mixtape stuff, a quickie
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wa hadde naa verwacht?
halve final ontspoord allstar battle
Peak in sub-genre #97
for fun
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Round 1 of the Allstars Battle on vs Mellow P
battle, just for fun
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sorry..I was bored
old one BUT lyrically one of my dopest battles. Sydephex is an extremely telanted MC who's now working with big names like Brainpower. (he wasn't at the time of our battle) the dude gave me props for this one ;) !!
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