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Self Laid Traps is basically myself and friends who have recorded stuff together over the years. The name comes from a band that I played in about 13 years ago,
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Intended as 'library music' Inspired by sitting and looking at the harbour down the road on a rare sunny day! See full details
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Arrangement is more 'Eva Cassidy' than jazz. Different, I suppose.. Hope you enjoy it!
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Demo done for my great friend Les of a replica 'Coodercaster' that he built. Tiesco gold front pickup, rear pickup from a 1940's lapsteel.. Same as the original, I think. Awesome guitar!! Changes in tone are incredible on a 5 way Strat switch.
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FREE DOWNLOAD - Hope you enjoy it! Bit of old 1928 - from 'Roman Scandals' I believe - Not to be confused with 'The Glory of Love' which is 8 years later, and obviously pinched!
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Jazz classic - arrangement Self Laid Traps. Mark Haley's solo is excellent. How did he get out of that one, and still end up on the right note at the end??? Respect!!!
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3 chords and the truth?
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"Inspired by" Ry Cooder's playing on 'Crossroads' - Dobro F60S with internal transducer. Have moved it more towards the cone than it was. I'll get there!
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The great joy of pub playing.... some years ago.. Ha,ha. Our take on an old Skynyrd song! Read full info................
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Dublin-based singer and songwriter, June Caresse . Wish we had recorded more - she had some great songs- fine singer and guitarist.. Where are you now Junie? - I want to record some more.
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I found this at the end of an home session - Must have left the recorder going. Apologies about the slide... 1:30 in the morning!. That is why I play guitar. Great fun. 10/10 June!!!!!!
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Our take on an old Cat Stevens classic
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