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1 song by 1 artist I am who I am and you cant change that, ive been through many changes and pain in
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Beat Produced By Verses & Hook Recorded By Relf3x, Mastered By Refl3x
Peak in sub-genre #39
Beat Produced By Sinima Beats Recorded By Foxx Vinyer & Relf3x MUSIC VIDEO ON MY PAGE!!!
Beat Produced By: Nice Guy Beats Featuring Meg & Dia Recorded By Refl3x
Beat Produced By Opened Mind Featuring Refl3x Verse Recorded By Yung
Peak in sub-genre #58
Beat By "Track Officals" Recorded By Refl3x A song i created About someone who is just fed up with there relationship. Props to Track officials for the beat!
this is one of my fav hooks ive done.. and it was done for another artist Yung661 check him out... let me know what you think on the hook..
A song i wrote and recorded in the same day for a very special person in my life. props to Sinima for the awesome beat. go to for some dope beats.
Peak in sub-genre #78
A song i did on a mims contest that i won the spot to be on itunes. Feel free to purchase the itunes copy here
Peak in sub-genre #59
Beat Produced By Writen and recorded 1/10/2011 email lemme know what you guys think...
Peak in sub-genre #76
A song writen by Refl3x and Jt Blue in rememberance of someone we both lost.. my Girl Jen and his friend Jeramiha Rest In Piece.
A song me and my group M.A.D *Making A Difference* are working on.
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rought demo of the hook for the new song in the making.
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Just had to get massive amounts off thoughts out... and music is the best way to do that.. Scarecrow on the beat!!! mad props for an exceptional beat! LYRICS ARE ATTACHED IN THE LYRICS link BELOW
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