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My venture into post-rock
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Merry Christmas to everyone!
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A song that was inspired by the warm weather.. Sounds great with a cup of cappuccino.
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My take on John Mayer's 2007 song, "Dreaming With a Broken Heart". I had to record this before the music in my head stopped playing. I wasn't in the best mood this afternoon, but something special was going on with my imagination.
Just to try a different genre/sound. I don't really listen to RnB or dance that much. This IS RnB/dance right? Correct me if I'm wrong. I just got a decent mic from CD-R King for a *really* cheap price, and I think this cover sounded okay.
Every cloud has a silver lining.. don't lose hope. Close your eyes, uplift your spirit. (EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai)
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