The Gibsonian Sounds v1
Electronic Mount Hope, WV  USA
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This is collection of audio recordings you may find useful as sound effects in your _non-commercial_ music, videos, etc. Most of these sounds are licensed unde
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Peak position #87
Audio recording demonstrating the chuffing sound produced by the Mantua "Smoke-n-Sound" device for their line of HO model trains.
Demo of Doppler effect in Trainz Simulator 2012 of approaching steam locomotive. Perceived "volume" of whistle sound also changes, becoming louder as train approaches.
Here's how to pronounce "Kanawha", the name of a river that flows through West Virginia, from Gauley Bridge, in Fayette County, past the cities of Charleston and St. Albans, and numerous smaller communities, joining the Ohio River at Point Pleasant.
Sound of rain, made to be used as a loop.
Sound of an propeller airplane passing overhead. Lots of low-frequency energy.
Sound of a small prop-driven plane passing overhead.
Sound of ATV 4-wheeler passing by.
Sound of a medium-sized dog barking.
Recording of medium size dog barking.
Sound of a group of dogs barking, made to be looped.
Truck with loud exhaust revs up as wildlife, dogs and people react.
Sound of a motor bike revving up and driving out of earshot.
Recording of rain, edited to use as a loop.
Recording of rain, edited to use as a loop.
Recording of rain, edited to use as a loop.
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