Petit Moineau
World Astoria, OR  USA
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A mix of music, poetry, chanson, bhajan, and a wee bit of madness, with Laura Tattoo at the keyboard (typing) and Ron Walker on instruments of every shape, size
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My translation of "Gaby Oh Gaby", the first hit of Alain Bashung and Boris Bergman, with a demonstration of how to sing it in English. With Ron on Hammond and his famous lefthand base.
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une chanson ecrit pour Alain Bashung sur le 2em anniversaire de sa disparition. a song written for Alain Bashung on the 2nd anniversary of his passing.
Peak in sub-genre #16
Musician Jimmy Bernard gives us a first-class run with his version of "L'arrivee du tour"... in English!
Peak in sub-genre #16
A demonstration sound file for how to sing "L'arrivee du tour" (Boris Bergman/Alain Bashung) in English, from my translation found on BASHUNG IN ENGLISH (
Peak in sub-genre #51
a blast-up, mad-cap ride in the direction of self-actualization
Peak position #43
ca-razy song in a waltz beat about a thinking man's dog
Peak in sub-genre #34
a soulful song that talks about the loss of joy
Peak position #31
poem and music, recorded live
Peak in sub-genre #25
A dreamy new mix of traditional Indian mantras and French rverie to celebrate the universal lover.
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catchy uptempo french pop song about war and greed and general mismanagement of the earth
Peak position #51
Peak in sub-genre #46
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