Buc Williams
Country Lockport, NY  USA myspace.com/bucwilliamsmusic
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Mother struggles to deal with the loss of her son in war.
Peak in sub-genre #26
Son teaches father.
Peak position #10 2 2
A song about understanding, acceptance and inclusion of children with special needs.
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Peak in sub-genre #20 1
She's back in town and all growd up!
Peak position #22
What my girl wants!
Peak in sub-genre #16 1
Fatherly advise passed down from father to son.
Peak position #17
Tired of work and ready to unwind
Peak position #43
Woman longing to spend time with her lover
Peak position #19
A fun dance tune about a young man with a lot of confidence.
Peak position #23
A woman who's living her dream, win or loose, and just lovin' life!
Peak position #19 1
A fun song about life in Buffalo NY with My Buffalo Girl!
Peak position #98 2
A song about a man spicing up his marriage.
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