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22FIVE is a rock and roll band based in Atlanta, GA. Frady: Vocals, guitar Stacey: Vocals, keyboards Sean: Bass, vocals, harmonica Stacia: Guitar Stephen
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This is the first song we wrote together as 22FIVE.
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There are so many distractions in life that keep us from the important things.
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Ramones cover.
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Isn't is amazing that the creator of everything calls us his children?
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One from the Reign archives... way back in 1989.
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One of the first songs we wrote as Reign.
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Simple song of praise.
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This one got more radio play back in the day than any other song we played
Based on the old hymn idea. But different.
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There's a road we all have to take. There are choices we all have to make.
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A power ballad from 1990.
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