J Stills
HipHop Racine, WI  USA twitter.com/misterhooks
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J Stills - www.facebook.com/jstills
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2011/12 WI Badgers Football Anthem! Produced by Merlin the Wizard - http://www.twitter.com/merlin_wiz
Peak in sub-genre #23
Produced by Weightless ft Danielle Brittany, Kane-O, and J. Stills
Peak in sub-genre #50
New JT / Stills combo!
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KISS ICON 2011 TOP 20 SONG!! V100 HEAT FROM THE STREET CONTESTANT SONG!! DOWNLOAD this single, and the full album "Save Me From Myself" for FREE at www.jstills.com
Peak in sub-genre #91
Title track of "IV" available now at www.datpiff.com/J-Stills-Iv-mixtape.255313.html for FREE DOWNLOAD along with the rest of the album - produced by DJ Pain 1 - www.djpain1.info
Peak in sub-genre #83
DOWNLOAD this song via DJ Pain 1's album "The Waiting Game" NOW (FREE) - http://alturl.com/8a3at
Peak position #51
Title Track of J. Stills 3rd solo album "Save Me From Myself" featuring Luminous Fluxx - Produced by DJ Pain 1 - www.djpain1.info
Peak in sub-genre #69
Tef Man ft Bizzy Bone and J. Stills on the hook! Produced by Victory
Peak in sub-genre #78
DOWNLOAD FREE NOW from J Stills album IV and add your verse: http://www.datpiff.com/J-Stills-Iv-mixtape.255313.html
Peak position #70
Lets play. Produced by DJ Pain 1 - www.djpain1.info
Produced by Reign, coming soon for free download at www.reignyday.com
Peak in sub-genre #20
Produced by Reign - www.reignyday.com
Peak in sub-genre #58
Video coming soon!
KISS ICON 2011 TOP 20 SONG!! J. Stills feat. daughter Desiree! Production by DJ Pain 1 (twitter.com/djpain1) and J-Cuse (twitter.com/jcuseonthebeat). Song will be available on "Save Me From Myself"
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