Julianna McDuffie
Electronic San Marcos, CA  USA
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A hopeful piece of mellowish-industrial electronica.
Peak position #50 3 2
Bedroom noise from Julianna... No percussion instruments were harmed in the making of this song. All percussive sounds produced by my hands and distorted heavily. I'm not sure that that qualifies as electronic... but you be the judge.
Peak in sub-genre #3 2 1
A cover of Leonard Cohen's AMAZING "Hallelujah"
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Mix by Jonas Aras at http://www.audiorecordingandservices.com/ Thank You, Jonas!
Peak in sub-genre #16 1
My first outing with a the Swedish music project, Chrome.
Peak position #31 5
Downtempo & Reflective collaboration with Equality
Peak in sub-genre #20 2 1
Mellow Electronica
Peak in sub-genre #20 1
A short, classical ditty by my SEVEN YEAR OLD. I helped with the arrangement and recording, only - it's all his work. Not half bad, either. I could actually see this being used in an early learner piano book... Anyone need a song?
Peak in sub-genre #16 1
Peak in sub-genre #19 1
Peak in sub-genre #87 1
Ambient take on the classic of all classics.
Peak position #32 2
Straight-ahead pop-ballad inspired by my son's uncanny ability to ignore me... Featuring Warren Willingham on Bass.
Peak position #64 3
A reflective, downtempo song froma rare melancholic mood...
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