Carol Douglas
Alternative Cumbria, United Kingdom
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I am easily inspired either by personal experiences, things said in conversation, being given a challenge, or being moved or amused by something.
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Peak position #18 1 1
"He couldn't treat his lady right" This is a French version of the song, kindly translated and sung by a French girl Annissa Melenhas.
Peak position #42 2
A second co-write with Matt Yearbook, played on the legendary Radio Caroline.
#10 (Sub-genre) 2 2
A fun track in the big band style. Sung by my favorite artist at SC Maria Daines.
Peak position #41 2 1
Sung beautifully I think by Sarah Doggett. The unexpected long-held last word (10 secs) I think is superb, and shows how Sarah connected with the song.
Peak in sub-genre #1
An online co-write with new age classical composer Eric Chiryoku (aka Wong) of Singapore, about remembering with deep love, someone who's passed away.
Peak in sub-genre #7
Fun song about things being so bad that you start to see the funny side. Sung by Sarah White .
Peak in sub-genre #6
My original version sung by Sarah White
#21 (Sub-genre) 1 1
Co-write with Brian Ralston (aka SelfTort) of Australia. One of my favorite collaborations.
#36 (Sub-genre) 2 1
Written after the Asian tsunami, it's a co-write with Nad Sylvan of Sweden who is on another world tour with Steve Hackett and "Genesis Revisited" I feel very honoured.
#90 (Main)
A song about the Asian tsunami, this is the original track sung beautifully I think by Sarah White...
Peak in sub-genre #4 1
A simple rock n roll song about being happy even when there's no spare cash. A song of the time I guess. Sung by Sarah White
Peak position #24
Co-write with Matt Yearbook of New Zealand about trying to help someone through a hard time.
Peak position #11 2 1
Co-write with Erik Kuhn of Germany about being truly happy with who you're with and not tempted by others.
Peak position #14
Co-write with Sahib Radio of America, about a gang of drunks getting nowhere..
Peak in sub-genre #3 3 1
A new version of my original song sung by Sarah White. Brian Ralston (aka Selftort) of Australia kindly added vocals to make a duet.
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