Electronic Waco, TX  USA
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Progressive, tragic pop, artsy urban, soul, trip hop, spentbeat. Ned does it again, MT3 is back and ready to pop heads as Premodera pushes forward. Simply the m
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#95 (Main)
Thumping dance track from Premodera, Central Texas' most unique music group.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Remix, rearranged and recomposed by Texas Senator for UrBoyNed Music
Peak position #68
Slamming dance track remixed and re-engineered by URBOYNED for Premodera Music
Peak in sub-genre #13
Produced by URBOYNED for Premodera Music/Nothingspan Music
Peak position #35
In opening the Temple of Premodera, a curse was unleashed upon society. Not a death curse, but a curse of restitution; of salvation through the struggle to maintain inner strength.
Peak in sub-genre #14
Be Thankful For the Things You Have... Awesome introspective track from super-producer URBOYNED and Premodera
Peak in sub-genre #25
"You said that you would show me..." From the mind of super-producer URBOYNED comes "How 2 Do That! (radio)" a clever tart track about an amped girl wowing her man with her personality.
Peak in sub-genre #9
A guy reflects as he burns photos on a street corner waiting for a bus - about to leave the city and those that hurt him behind. This redemption track comes from the mind of Premodera's super-producer URBOYNED.
Peak position #73
This song keeps "you" in mind. To share in the vibes of others is celestial no matter what. We wanted to make a feel good track about social life on the scene. It's a night on the town...and you can do exactly what you want to. Produced by URBOYNED
Peak in sub-genre #14
Spent-beat track about enlightenment. Produced by URBOYNED and Premodera for Nothingspan Music Group.
Peak in sub-genre #5
Taboo track that explores social media delving in the form of liberation. A girl in bed scours through the internet on her smartphone before going to sleep. Arranged by super-producer URBOYNED.
Peak position #5
This "horror" track was written, directed and produced by Premodera. It chronicles the last days of a person who goes over the edge, never fully realizing that the murders taking place are at his hands. His girlfriend recalls the scene as he spirals.
Peak position #36
Emo reflection track written and composed by super-producer URBOYNED and Premodera.
Peak in sub-genre #52
Peak position #50
Awesome remix, music by TriXta (MT3) with vocals by URBOYNED.
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