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An internet loop collective of 40 artists.
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Peak in sub-genre #40
Mix:electroearwig loops: chris phinney,virus factory,m.cole,~peelspeed,kahman & guitar/noise by electroearwig
Loopz by Peeler and Omnitechnomatrix - Mix by Omnitechnomatrix
Loopz by CRT and Omnitechnomatrix - Mix by Omnitechnomatrix
Uses July 2003 loops by Bev Stanton,Scott Carr,Mobile Sound Unit,Electroearwig,Kahman,Sideral,Peter Martin,Heuristics Inc.,Otis Fodder,Darph Nader,Mellow Jeremy,Virus Factory,Mystified,Ryan Fitzgerald & Klao DNA,Mix & stuffing Chris Phinney
loops: electroearwig loops & mix bev stanton
Peak in sub-genre #61
Very dark evil electronic/ambient mix Composed, played & mixed by Donhead for the "lucid dreams" project) guest artist's: Bev stanton,klao_dna & sin_ned.
Mind Warping soundscapes with trancy synth's. Mixed & composed by donhead for the "lucid dream's" project Guest artist's :Hinc,~peelspeed,Chris phinney(distort drum) & shazbot.
Evil/dark ambient track composed & mixed by donhead for the "Lucid dreams" project Guest artist's : m.cole,international garbageman,omnitechnomatrix,~peelspeed & earhox
The Arse Trilogy pt.3 - The Rejection. Loops by DubJay, Sin:Ned and eArh0x - Mix by Zombie with no tape-eArh0x
The Arse Trilogy-pt2, The Counter. Loops by DubJay, eArh0x - Mix by Zombie with no tape-eArh0x
Loopz by Virus Factory and Omnitechnomatrix - Mix by Omnitechnomatrix.
Loopz by ADAMISGOD - Mix Omnitechnomatrix.
A silly song. Uses loops by Kahman, Omnitechnomatrix, Arthur Loves Plastic, DubJay, KlaoDNA, and Scott Carr. Voice samples provided by Otis Fodder. Mix by Heuristics Inc.
Original song by thomas from "mystified/autocad" remixed by donhead ,Samples added by Donhead.. Extra sounds & demon vox by:peelspeed Mix APPEAR'S ON DONHEAD'S LUCID DREAM'S project
Very dark with hellish mindwarped sound images. Composed & mixed by donhead loop's include:Bryan Baker,~peelspeed & bev stanton
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