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Hard Hitting metal from the East Coast. I am a solo act composing all songs myself (sometimes with a little help from my friends). Like me on Facebook at http
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Young Jeezy's song Luv It laced with my guitars.
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This one is an instrumental. Pretty hard hitting and very diverse with a few rhythm changes. Enjoy and clean up when you're done.
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Song starts with some 'sitar-like' repeating riff and talk/sing vox. Around the :55 mark it dramatically transforms into a hard-hitting, nail-biting, searing song with double bass, pounding guitars, aggressive vox and grove metal riffage throughout!
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Moody, sweet, and heavy.
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Techno/metal song. Instrumental. New style for me as I'm broadening my horizons. I've always added elements of electronic music into my songs, but this is adding guitar to my electronic music.
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Hard hitting, groove oriented mosh jam full of break-downs, solos, etc. to get the pit workin!
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Hard rock song. Killer lick in the verses. About being hurt and getting over it.
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Fast paced metal song about overcoming obstacles in life. Rap/Metal type vocals.
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Up-beat tempo, addictive hook, heavy riffage. Hard to beat.
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Death metal type song. Fast drumming/guitars. Intense Vocals. Enjoy.
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Acoustic love song about appreciating your wife/girlfriend.
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Acoustic rock with a different vibe.
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Short, sweet and straight forward groove metal song. It has some bass hits in it so if you're using low grade speakers, please understand.
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Three dynamic elements in this song. The intro lasts about 40 sec. Then the Meat n'Potatoes, finally the thrash outro. New modern metal song, bad ass. Finally has vocals to it...sorry for the delay! Listen and give me some feedback!
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