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Guitar Gangsta
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Peak in sub-genre #78
This is JUST AN AMP DEMO. It was made for the sole intention of demoing the clean, in between. and mean channels. The takes are pretty much "wank tracks" - just wanted to get something out there
Peak in sub-genre #54
the 7 quarter notes up front at 70 BPMS, then the same at 70 BPMS, superimposed against another track in 4/4 at 40 BPMS. See "story behind the song" below for more deets
Peak in sub-genre #66
From 6/8 Clave Feel to Jazz/Funk wit rock guitar over the top. Sorry, can only afford to make tracks - hope to have a budget for a session with real humans playing musical instruments one day before i die
Phase 5 gig with watts shimura on bass and albert newbeat on drums, Stephen Dornfeld (keys) just kickin me in the ass
2-3 accents followed by 3-2 over 4 measure phrase except for the last half of the 4th beat of 4th measure in order to loop back
Peak in sub-genre #46
Peak in sub-genre #71
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