Drewsif Stalin
Metal Baltimore, MD  USA myspace.com/fearisfood666
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Groovy Dumb Stuff
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Peak position #36 1
Uneven Structure cover!
Watermarked because the internet is hell.
Peak position #3 7 2
New Song!
Peak in sub-genre #37
Year old cover for my buddy Lydia's birthday!
This is a cover clip of a Chris Barretto song, I had this stuck in my head the entire time I was on tour... so when I got home, what did I do? Go to sleep? No. Work on my mix!
2 1
Short cover to peel off some frustration
Started as attempted drums for a pretty ol' post rock song... Way too f*** ing scary
Peak position #2 1
From the upcoming EP, "Delusions Of A Greater Future"
It started as a tone test, It's going in a different direction and will be the beginning of another song. Don't Expect to hear it this way again... I'd say I pretty well cleaned up my tone, sounds pretty ballin from my headset...
Peak position #1 2
This was going to be 30 seconds long... not so much anymore
Peak position #3
Really rough. I didnt feel like tracking decent cleans. or ubersyncing the guitar... yeah. no bass. This is a test of my new mix which is a complete ground up redo of my s2.0 settings
I should have put this up a long time ago... _ Don't even have this guitar anymore
Here is a little sumthin sumthin i'm workin on
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