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Francisco Hernandez
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Piano compositions with strings, guitars and atmospher sounds, but at times you can find dance compositions too. Always I try to create a hopeful composition.
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Peak in sub-genre #52 2
Peak in sub-genre #91 3
In one night, under the moonlight a world of life and events they take place. In the silence of the night the light of the moon iluminates the life which continious his course. If I could see the moondance from the perspective of only a few minutes,
Peak in sub-genre #60 3
The grow of a flower, like a motaphore of life. I invite to you to see the images which inspired this music in my music blog:
Peak in sub-genre #27 3 1
Peak in sub-genre #85 2
Pianos and Strings, relax.
Peak position #29 4
The sound of a big vacuum in the silent of a peace moment.
The sounds of a long trip
The rithm of live
Peak in sub-genre #100 2
The sound of a free spirit
The sound of my mind, at times
Peak in sub-genre #64 2
A very little thing which is at the same time a part of a immense thing
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