Fear The Dead
Rock Manitowoc, WI  USA freewebs.com/fearthedead
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Mack Dadio
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Fear the dead is a collection of musicians who have varied tastes in music. Band in progress.
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This is our latest creation. in my opinion it is our best. unfortunatly for you the song is very long and you can only hear the first half. it gets very fast shortly after it cuts out.
Peak in sub-genre #56
This is the second half to Hackbratenüberraschung. Its on here as a seperate song becuase as one it wouldn't fit...
The second "new" song. a simple yet catchy tune that will have your head bobbing with a look of confusion on your face. "DO IT!" "do what?" "CHICKEN HEAD!"
This is our first "new" song. by new i mean the last few songs written after adam started playing drums.
Another "New" song. if dan wasn't so christian i'd sware he stole that proggression.
we sat down and wrote this song in like an hour(we were just goofing around with it) and it sounded pretty ok. we added some cheesy sound effects (I wanna hear the loon!) and there you have it
This song was written during chris kalista's short stay with the band(gotta love that marching band beat lol). sounds like a fast version of a song from the 50s or something...i don't know
Our first song ever...recorded useing really REALLY bad equipment. we just leave these older songs on here for nastalgic sake
Our second song...wo-hoo! not much better then WHBLB. but different. the only real point of interest here is chris's wicked a$$ solo.
Our other old song. we never named this song for a long time it was just song 3. so it became the nameless. not much here but you do hear some fast bass action from adam. well if you can here it over the cruddy recording.
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