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Noise, melody, heavy, quiet, ambience, drone
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Peak in sub-genre #34
clean tone is a Rickenbacker 360, with most gain tones a '66 Jazzmaster. Bass is a '73 Musicmaster bass. Volume swells are generally a combo of a Boss DM-3, RV-5, Echo Park, Moog MF-104Z and a DL-4. First gain tones are a green Sovtek Big Muff and ra
Peak position #30
Same pattern run through 3 of the 4 waveforms, adjusting the timbre control between each cycle. Toward the end, the LFO is switched on. Also includes a Moog MF-104Z, old Maxon AD80, Boss DM-2, & Alesis Nanoverb. Amp is a '76 Orange OD120.
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