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Peak in sub-genre #40
This is one of my favorite songs from yesteryear. I love it so much I produced my own instrumental version and made this Karaoke video so I could sing it at parties, and so can you! \:D/
Peak in sub-genre #42
an instrumental version I made back in 2011, tweaked and remastered for 2013/2014
Peak in sub-genre #39
an instrumental cover I made a couple years ago
Peak in sub-genre #41
~an instrumental i've had laying around for a while.. Karaoke video:
Peak in sub-genre #57
~a chiptune instrumental remake of an old lesser-known song by NSYNC
Peak in sub-genre #62
~a chiptune instrumental remake of an old song by Asian-American R&B girl group called One Vo1ce (formerly 'One Voice')
~an remix instrumental of a Craig David song that I've had laying around since 2009 but never uploaded until now (St. Patrick's Day 2012)
Peak in sub-genre #48
It's an instrumental of a nice R&B song I made last year.
This is an updated version of one of my old beats, Birthday In May.
Peak in sub-genre #51 1
This is another instrumental of a very nice song I heard in a friend's car. It's called 'Broken Heart' by Donnie J aka Donnie Klang, I believe.
Peak in sub-genre #91 1
This is an instrumental I made of a cute Devotion song that was released on the official soundtrack, Plugged In Vol. 3.
Download High Quality MP3 @ YouTube:
This is my Wii-mix instrumental cover of LeetStreet (The L33tStr33t Boys) which you can view/listen to the original on YouTube: Some Punk POPRock fused with Electronic beats
Peak in sub-genre #43 1
My instrumental cover of this beloved and well-known song with a sad guitar riff in a new modern style I like to call Synth R&B. Enjoy! \:D/
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