Axl (73)
Electronic United Kingdom
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ALL FREE TUNES: Old skool inspired electronic madness (Acid, Breakbeat, Mellow, Ambient, Techno, Trance, IDM etc). I like music to be a bit of journey which s
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#27 (Sub-genre)
Human mix of Create Destroy.
#25 (Sub-genre)
Weekend warmer taking you back to the 90's, boost the bass and whack up the volume!!
#68 (Sub-genre)
Haunting downtempo riffs, with a pitch bend detuned vocal line that ties everything together. Remastered OG version.
#29 (Sub-genre)
Funk it like you have never funked before... 2019 mix of 'Gotta Have' ft. George Clinton (Legend).
#6 (Sub-genre)
Alternate widowmaker mix, kicks in after first break.
Peak position #69
Alternative, remastered mix of "Feeling odd like a Birthday".
Peak position #41
Extended alternative GRAK mix of Lifetime of No.
Peak position #29
Reworked version of Agia Venus.
Peak position #76
Mash up of two old songs.
Peak position #31
My version of RadioHead's 'Everything in its right place', seeing as everyone on the planet has made a remix of that song.
Peak position #54
STK mix of Rythmn Rocket
Peak position #76
Remastered STK mix of Devil Child
Peak position #72
Remastered STK mix of No One Escapes.
Peak position #34
STK mix of Cybertronic Woodpeckers From Mars.
Peak position #34
Phatter, fuller and overloud version of Rage Quit.
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