Brian Chestlie
Urban Las Vegas, NV  USA
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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Arranger - Producer - Track Technician - Pianist - Actor - Author and Poet
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#60 (Main)
A Cool, Funky Jazz composition that came out of nowhere and took on a life of it's own.
#11 (Sub-genre)
Peak position #36
Peak position #13
An amalgamation of Blues and Jazz. I call it "Blazz"(Bluesy-Jazz.) It's slowly, but surely becoming my signature song around the world. Get it on iTunes as a Ringtone. :)
#96 (Main) 1
Just me, experimenting with different musical styles that I love. I've always been a low-key fan of Samba music. Here is my attempt at a Samba song, The BC way. It's hit #1 on the (Samba Charts) a few times. I guess I did something right!
#25 (Sub-genre)
Peak position #27
A song about a man who's proud To have the love of his lady.
Peak position #23
A song about paying dues. Sometimes you've got to do, what you've got to do, so that one day you, can do what u wanna do. (My first #1 song on Soundclick.)
Peak position #29
A Funky, Funny song that I wrote about people who are Too. Damn. Nosey. Most of us have experienced nosey people at some point.
Peak position #44
Just another composition, further exploring my new approach to making music. I love Vibes. A Roy Ayers feature on this would be Fire!
Peak position #35
One of those heart wrenching break up songs that some have said I am a master at creating.
Peak position #89 1
I'm a new found fan of "House Music." This song represents my Maiden Voyage into creating it. #9 on the House Music Charts. Not bad for my first try. :)
Peak position #86
A song about knowing that you have to get up and get back into enjoying your life after you go through and come through hard times.
Peak position #27 1 1
The first song that I ever wrote.... at the ripe old age of 13. :)
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