Johnny Yellowheel
Alternative Yellow Barking Dog, NM 
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Electric Eclectic Alternative - Chill Rock, Gentle Blues in minor Keys - Inner Tribal - Music For The Soul. . .
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With these blind eyes - someday see Half the Man you thought you'ld be...
Peak position #6 4 2
Everybody needs somebody - to look down on...
Peak position #10 9 10
The Angels all came cruising...
Peak position #24 9 8
When Love is lost Love is found. High in the mountains of Northern Arizona..
Peak position #1 16 19
They say the Seventh Angel will come Sounding from the east And He'll call us all to dinner but some folks won't like the feast 'Cause they'ld rather fight each other - blame the trouble on the Beast..
Peak position #1 5 7
It was a Dark and Stormy night... this is where the "Sirius - B minor" comes in...
Peak position #1 17 25
Compressed Free Falling Eclectic Electric Rock"
Peak position #29 12 15
'Cause the Lord never works on Fridays...
Peak position #44 4 3
Sometimes ya just gotta let it all - Fade Away...
Peak position #50 3 4
"Ungowa U 101" - Out there in the Run and Hide...
Peak in sub-genre #43
A Dream, dreamed by a Race long forgotten to the memories of Men..
Peak position #23 9 9
We came, we saw, we gathered, we played...
Peak in sub-genre #34
Great take the Cruise Music.. if you like the open road.. this Budz for You..
Peak position #53 2 1
The Voices are not real. But sometimes they have some good suggestions...
Welcome to the first instalment of "Yeowza Ridez Again". Sometimes things are not what they appear to be. And sometimes, well - they just are.. not what they appear to be..
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