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Instrumentals Virginia Beach, VA  USA
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We are a prduction house specializing in groove based productions.
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Created by D.J. Seko VArner of SoundBangerz Productions using samples from Fallin' In Love as performed by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
A Lil' up tempo Boom-Bap with a West-coast lyrical vibe.
Funky Hip-Hop Instrumental
An island inspired club track with a 'World' feel that is a bit hard to categorize.
Here is a Uptop Track that was inspired by MC Rickey D.
Uptown Swagger with an Ol' School feel !
A pleasing mix of lounge-Jazz and Baltimore Club asthetic !
A Reggae & Hip-Hop track originally created for a remix for Beyonce's Single Ladies tune.
Using a sample from "Falling In Love Again" this southern-feel Hip-Hop track has a get-money feel.
A southern bluesey Hip-Hop track inspired by looking a photograph of the Miami M.C. Jacki-O.
This Down South track was created following listening to some old school Pastor Troy. This track is for sale and can be purchased with a mix of the individual tracks to allow you for the best mixdown.
This track is a soulful vamp using a basic rhythm section waiting for a lead performer to ride the funky groove.
A dark bass heavy steel pan groove at 108 BPM.
This track has an 80's club Vibe. The BPM is 108.
This riddim is basicly a Dance Hall Reggae flavored Hip-Hop Rhythm track with a minimalist appraoch to the musical instruments and a focus on the percussion instruments.
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