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Nouveau retro pop rock music: Definitely rock, fairly pop, somewhat retro, and a bit more experimental.
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#55 (Sub-genre)
Another "I love her, she doesn't notice me" song. It has a bluesy feel and attitude, but doesn't follow any blues format we're familiar with. What do you think?
Peak in sub-genre #37
Infatuation with a black hole?
Peak in sub-genre #40
Song about someone who is way too into herself.
Peak in sub-genre #43
About a woman who can't decide who she is.
Peak in sub-genre #87
The peculiarities of having a zombie for a girlfriend
Album: Rhinos Don't Have Sweat Glands Peak in sub-genre #52
A song that makes fun of songwriting. Good old boogie woogie type rock.
Peak in sub-genre #61
Very pop rock, almost bubblegum! Do you love me as much as I love you?
There needs to be some real changes in this world.
Peak in sub-genre #15
I wrote this song about a good friend's cat. A fun acoustic song with a different feel and beat.
Peak position #61
A song about power tools, accompanied by power tools. Features a table saw solo.
Album: Rhinos Don't Have Sweat Glands Peak in sub-genre #37
A love affair that is out of this world. A 'Recording' magazine critique of the song says: 'Close your eyes and imagine a marriage between the B-52s and Devo. Kinda scary, huh? Well, the folks in Stone Marmot have a cool, catchy tune here ...' U
Album: Rhinos Don't Have Sweat Glands Peak in sub-genre #18
A pop-punk rock song about babes who tease.
Peak in sub-genre #18
Kind of a blues/Americana type songs celebrating the virtues of rain barrels and growing your own food.
Sort of a pop-punk-spoken word-nursery rhyme-ish commentary on today's economy.
Peak position #78
Our first 'rap' song, imagine something between The Offspring and 'Peter Gunn'
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