Chris Alma Jose
Rock cheyenne, WY  USA
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Singer/Songwriter, Producer
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A yearning for heaven. It's found in the days of my youth, when everything's pure and simple. I look forward to that day returning.
A song about imperfection.
My desire for spiritual freedom is expressed in this song.
Feeling guilty and in denial, after reading the Bible.
A song I wrote for my wedding reception.
When Jesus comes back, it'll be a happy time. Much like when circus comes to town.
I have no idea what Jeff is singing about here. But it rocks, and that's all I care about.
Peak in sub-genre #92
No matter how tough you think you are, at the end of the day, you come running back to daddy.
A plea for acceptance.
A song about guilt. I have been a harsh friend to some. But how can you ask for forgiveness when your friend has passed on?
A song about the need to make changes in one's life.
A song about imagining heaven being distant yet very near.
A song about who I am... to myself, to others and to God.
Going through tough times is like sleeping on a bed of nails, every night. But I made it through... with minimal holes on my back.
A recollection of an interesting encounter with a popular figure.
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