Standing in the Middle
Alternative eugene, OR  USA
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Standing in the Middle music in Eugene & Corvallis, Oregon alternative, blues, folk, jazz, rock, country and classical band
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Peak in sub-genre #40
A dark and satirical look at the problem with failed romantic relationships. This song was included to display the group's dynamic variation and intensity. Standing in the Middle -
Peak in sub-genre #16
A light-fun and danceable spring-summer song, enticing the audience into moving their body parts outdoors or indoors to a salsa/ rock beat. Standing in the Middle -
A grooving and sultry glimpse at the optimistic nature of a great relationship. Standing in the Middle -
Peak in sub-genre #42
A down-home bluegrass-modern country rock song about being on the road or on a train; journeying with a new love into unknown territories. Standing in the Middle -
A hope filled plea with a potential lover. Standing in the Middle -
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