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#61 (Main) 3 2
One of our first bluegrass ballads written by Gary Wikfors in the late 70s, we started playing it again this year. Recorded at our Syracuse sessions and produced by Jared Grubow
#69 (Sub-genre) 1
The Band's theme song written by Dave Rubin in 2008.
#98 (Main) 1
One of our first performances in 2016 at the Rockland Center for the Arts.
Peak position #12 1
The definitive ode to Jug Band Music - Cause it sounds so sweet! See us play it live on YouTube at
Peak position #22 5
This song is somewhere between bluegrass and blues. Recorded in the basement on 30-Dec-05. See us play it live on YouTube at
Peak position #11 3 1
Traditional acoustic blues done jug band style.
Peak position #23 2
One of Dave's last songs - it truly summed up his approach to life
#53 (Sub-genre) 2
A deeply moving ballad of love in Paris - then again maybe not.
#79 (Sub-genre) 3
Recorded at Pee Wee Erwin's Studio in Teaneck, NJ July of 1972. One of original originals that was also put on video that same year.
Peak position #26 1
A tribute to the late Vassar Clements
Peak position #30
About starting a new job and then transitions to a fiddle tune.
#61 (Sub-genre) 1 1
Jeff's latest musings on living.
Peak position #10 2
It's a blues story about place in Joisey - Rt 46?
Peak position #24 4
#87 (Sub-genre) 1
Recorded circa 1975 at Pete's house during the Urban Swampgrass era.
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