HipHop Calgary, Canada
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Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Sanctivibe, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Electronica, underground, sphereofhiphop, sphere of hip hop,
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its just dope thats all
Peak in sub-genre #78
BKF and Vibe Collab
instrumental loop, a new beat in the making
this is just a loop of a new beat still be working on check it.
A track with one sample from the movie the matrix, can you guess what it is???
Peak in sub-genre #71
song still has to have vocals added unto it but the beat is mastered and finished. Its about being in the bottom of the ocean, cant get any lower but if you come up to fast its too harmful. Need to come up as you are supposed to.
Suspenseful track, sort of designed for a movie or soundtrack with heavy emotions, and an eerie uneasy feeling that someone is around.
Peak in sub-genre #67
title is self explanotory
Peak in sub-genre #99
Peak in sub-genre #85
latin vs. asia
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